Hello World

Wednesday, January 12, 2022 2:18 PM



My good bye letter to a gentleman who has been my attorney for over a decade prooved to be a surprising place and time to present a personal introduction to a man I have never met. We had merely remained friendly phone and email acquaintances. I adapt it for use here - as a way to become personally aquainted when and where it ought to be - at the beginning.

There is so much in my life that I have been involved with that has remained behind the curtain for you. For instance, I have for a number of years been present of CTV 29 Lane County public access TV. I have also    been a producer of 2 long-running television shows, the monthly Interfaith Prayer Service at the first Christian church in Eugene,   (I am a Buddhist). I have also produced the Eugene City Club for TV  for 5 years, filming every Friday afternoon. (I had to quit, dealing  with some of the attitudes there was more that I was up for). And Il also run a monthly poetry show that plays every Friday night  at 10, the Eugene Poetry Platform.
I have just retired because I was only up for 2 terms of office as  president, (I have been avoiding being on the Board of Directors of anything for almost 50 years_, but I got looped in and then the Coronavirus struck and I have served two pseudo-legal years as  president which will end February 28 once and for all.
And as you probably know I have worked amazingly for 26 years as a home health aide for Senior and Disabled Services out of Eugene,  Oregon. And that has been an amazing trek since 1995, I've worked hospice at least 10 times and I have seen a lot and still see it as  I am still employed 5 days a week doing that.
But a big continuity is been that I have been a writer especially of poetry since I was 16 and I started a radio show dedicated to poetry called “out of context” in College in Long Beach California, and have finally put up a website in which I have a series of chapbook samplers of the various kind of  poetry I have done  based on my various interests, it is found under    the tab “chapbooks” on the second website address you see down below    you on my website the Pureland of the Volcanoes. It would probably be painless to look at the 7 topics I've done chapbooks for,  chapbooks which are each a selection of a complete book of poetry,  and find one that has a topic that is of some interest to you so it might not be a complete  waste of time to peak at it just to see what my mind was up to.

I regret never being able to buy you dinner. I regret we have never sat down for a couple of cups of coffee.   Leo