STANDING JUST OFF STAGE- The Violent Ground beneath our Feet Pt. 1

  Seven Severe Sisters 1.)

•    Three Sisters, just West of Bend, is considered a "very high threat." Nicknamed "the Bulge”, the ground just West of the South Sister has started to deform as magma moves and accumulates underground, a sign of an impending eruption! Location: Central Oregon Last eruption: 440 CE

•    Oregon's highest peak: Mount Hood, the sixth most dangerous volcano in the United States. Location: Northwest Oregon Last eruption: 1866 CE

•    Crater Lake is the 17th most dangerous volcano in America. Last eruption: 2850 BCE

•    Mount St. Helens Location: Southwest Washington Last eruption: 2008

•    Mount Rainier Location: Northwest Washington Last eruption: 1894

                               (Source) National Geographic

1.) In ancient India the mountain deity Kali was multiplied by a process in which these "Wrathful Mothers" came to inhabit many high, fearsome places as well as the primordial emotions of fascinating violence and passionate sexuality

STANDING JUST OFF STAGE - The Violent Ground beneath our Feet Pt. 2


the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Oregon has the potential for a 9.0+ magnitude earthquake caused by the Cascadia Subduction Zone and a resulting tsunami of up to 100 feet in height that will impact the coastal area. There is an estimated 2-4 minutes of shaking or rolling that will be felt along the coast line with the strength and intensity decreasing the further inland you are....Currently, scientists are predicting that there is about a 37% chance that a mega-thrust earthquake of 7.1+ magnitude in this fault zone will occur in the next 50 years. This event will be felt throughout the Pacific Northwest.1.)

“Cascadia's fault is going to cause damage to all the cities and towns along the swath more than 800 miles (1300 kilometers) from north to south and as much as 125 miles (200 kilometers) inland.” Jeri Thompson2.)

“When you read this sentence, stop to ask yourself what you would do if a magnitude 9 point 0 earthquake struck at this moment....the next subduction earthquake will trigger the most serious natural disaster in Oregon history.”3.)

Mount Rainier

Location: Northwest Washington

Last eruption: 1894

(Source) National Geographic


2.) Thompson, Jerry. Cascadia’s Fault. Ontario Canada: Harper Collins, 2011.

3.) SULLIVAN, William L. Oregon’s Greatest Natural Disasters. 5th ed. Eugene, Oregon: Navillus Press, 2008.



from all over the place!


With a line of light 

a silhouette outline

on the mountain,

I pull aside

without speech

to see an Elk astride

a rock connected

by a footpath 

- rock to beach.

Low voices


the waves and wind

onto the beach.


faint eachos, (almost

out of reach),

speak to me

of faraway War and

crematoria snow

as our footfalls go

to the Pureland  2.)

of the Volcano.

2.)  ‘Pureland” in Buddhism is an environment created as a ‘field of  purity’ around a Buddha, like the lines of magnetic attraction around a magnet. In Buddhism, a deer is a direct reference to the Buddha's first teaching in the Deer Park, Sarnath.

     INTO THE RED LIGHT - of the great burning in Oregon 2020

          Going out on a day that smells

          like a chain-smoker's death rattle.

          Going out on a day that tastes

          like powdered piss.

          Going out on a day with

          a urine colored sky like this

          feels like those little ants in your bathroom

          are crawling around behind your eyeballs

          and your lips

          are peeling off like little paint-chips!

          You lick your lips

          and you swallow your spit

          and your head throbs

          like a broken toe

          when you are going out

          of your softly screaming mind.

          you are going out like this

          into the red light of a burning world

          the endless forests of The Ancients

          have become the crematorium ash

          of all History, all Things Passed

          - a pyroclastic flow of bitter

          on the tongue as if all Oregon

          and the Garden within

          had burst into flames, like the caldera

          of some volcanic mountain.

          In the red light of a burning world

          in plague emptied streets folks go

          shuffling and aimless

          like zombies in shopping malls

          dancing coughing fits, leaning to spit on walls.

          This is the Red Light that comes with echoes

          from The Future of it All!


Goodbye to the twentieth century!

TOTAL WAR. Not just One

but Two World Wars. War, War

and More War where

tank treads like two

rows of shark teeth

roll in endless rows

on conveyor belts eating

churches, synagogues, hospitals,

schools and sad to see

cities that have in Europe

loomed for centuries

on hills, on postcard scenes,

where Millions were shot, were hung

and mauled and murdered

'til trauma hung like green clouds of gas

over farms and seaports and cities

and everything and everybody.

6,000,000 Jews, 6,000,000 Jews  

in two columns marching

from the boxcars that brought them

to that railroad siding in Auschwitz to march

in different destinations

to be worked to death

or shown those famous showers, showers

tiles covered with pretty flowers.

then but two years later, the Partition of India, and

                         we see

                         down in the street

Hindus and Muslims marching in opposite directions

to different destinations

trauma hung like yellow clouds of Joss-stick incense

over everything and everybody, 'til today we see

a World divided into Strangler and the Strangled, we see

The Boomer Age in the days of the Suburban Fascist

               and their Religion Of Greed!

It's an Age of Aquarius stitched together

with airplane routes and new disease, an age

in which Nations are torn, as Social Contracts

and families are torn and thrown into a hurricane wind

of anxiety, of intimidation and then as a Goodbye

the Twentieth Century, set on fire

and scattered like confetti

          with a violence so those ashes achieve

                                    an Escape Velocity.




A song sung by a boy

high on a tower,

a song sung by a man

to an invisible power,

a song sung by a girl

skipping rope in the hour

her mother hums

          kneading bread,

hands white with flour.

Aie-yee! Our City is made

of cast away stones, with

streets like streams

streaming with fish -

each a man all alone

with a song and a wish.

This is the way

a City prays,

a choir of bells,

alarms and hoo-rays!

Only an Angel on a cloud

wings spread, and looking down,

can hear the Soul, the whole

of the soul of

this mountain of Sound!


One cool pool in the warm sea of wind

moves like a lover's palm

down the dunes

that weld cliffs to beach

where Gail sleeps naked on a sheet

- the fine gold hairs that curl her navel

and cover her thighs

quivering like grain. Again

Gail stretches. Again Gail sighs.

An Angel's picnic here

the Earth still Eden in her eyes.



I see the world after the world has come to an end

- the way a lover suddenly glimpses the bare skull

behind a pretty girl's skin.

I see the grey streets as concrete and real.

Then view the ‘raindrop on window’ streaks

of individuals like me and you

in the streets as fictions.

I see The Nations as wheezing bodies

in a tubercular ward

that the nurses of Silent Hill stride through

fanning the beds with flamethrowers in

a choir of Revolution!

I see the whale upon the beach

which the seagulls eat.

I see the fog that falls

from the borealis

to coil like an anaconda

around us

as all the World's beasts

step forth from the forest

or crawl up onto the beach

or if on wing, land on the sand

to bear witness AT LAST


Rainer Is Next To Go

white clouds make 

grace-like gull wings

in the upper sea

- a cursive yet stiff wet brush stroke

- a wry brow wrapped

over the snow made eye 

tip top

of the volcano.

there is no peace in wildflower

won military battlefields

nor paper-house zen 

temples where an old monk in

full lotus snores

like the old growth shawled

breast of the volcano.

old men

after the first heart attack know

women after their first

childbirth know

silence is not the only

thing to know

about volcano.