STANDING JUST OFF STAGE - The Road to Poland (Auschwitz)

If we do not Learn from History ...then we must repeat it  Part One: Fascism in the 20th Century

In this issue of "In the Pureland of the Volcanos" this initial page introduction of the "background frame", that presence that lay behind the disparate daily events depicted in each collection, comes to the forefront and is the matter of the poems in the present collection.

Just as volcanos, earthquakes, poverty and white supremacy lay in the background of life in Oregon, so too does the events of World War Two, the Fascism, the Death Camps and the devastation of wholesome life loom ancestral to what we in America might become. Just Chapbook teaches us a History Lesson, a History we didn’t want to repeat!



from the first part of the Poetry Cycle The Crowning Skull of Earth

Teacher: Today we will introduce an aspect of World War II that opens up on a whole world of its own, the Nazis, anti-Semitism and the concentration camps that became death camps by the end of the war. I want to see some hands on where you've already heard about this before.

Student: I read about that girl Anne Frank. She wrote a diary and then was taken away. All the girls in the class read it last year.


"The Page the Investigators found, what it reveals, why it may have been removed and are there still more materials out there that have been held back from Anne Frank's Diary?"



Wednesday 2 Augustus 1944

Dearest Kitty,

it’s a new day

- as to what

I did yesterday

and what my dreams then had to say

will be our Topic for Today:

Bombs fell on our World

but kept away. (A girl

can only pray

it stays that way),

and as boys get taller

every day - (more

to be said on that I’m certain),


with me still in some old stuff

while the SS parades

the Champs-Élysées *

I shall wear brave faces

for our fellow sardines

and the curves to come

to our troubled teens.

Every thing is same this day

as every other, but

each day might be a trap

not marked on the calendar.

So we rehearse our script

and walk narrow in our shoes

for each foot step out side

may be a footstep

come for you!

I hate when rumors

prove to be true, or when

Good News Comes Too Late

to do what Good News

was supposed to do!

Yours, Anne**

* Please reference It Happened In Paris: WWII Nazi Occupation ( 1942 & 1944) | British Pathé v=t1LdRmFZdnU

** On reading this poem after writing it I had the notion that this poem might serve as a support for discussions by an audience of teenagers. A Discussion Question: “What ‘Good News’ could be it that “didn’t do what it was supposed to do?”


(pronounced: 'Yoong May Del')

Her blouse is white. Her skirt is blue,

a Jungmaedel Girl on her tummy

wolfing down raviolis

from a camping pan.

Her lips are red.

Her eyes are blue.

Her blonde braids

dangle like brushes

into the red sauce

- she has to

wring them out

with a finger

rubbed on a spoon.

A sweetsimple girl, her

eyes eye a dumpling

still left in the sauce.

Trained in

Mein Kampf and tennis

she will lay with soldiers

and give birth to soldiers.

She knows she’s pretty.

laying on the grass

as we pass.

A cherub of innocence

that knows she’s

enchanted us.

[ Heard everywhere in the streets during Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass in 1938 ]


We like it because it’s FUN to be Cruel!


[MALES repeat building to a Victory Crescendo when arriving at the rumble.]

What do we do, we feisty boys

marching in step

our Homeland to come

we boys of the banner

and men of the drum

with the asocial shits of

the RED 5th Column?

what is to be done?

what is to be done by

we boys of the banner

and men of the drum?

We beat our drum and cock our gun

da-dum-dee dum. da-dum-dee dum

we take to the streets and make them run

da-dum-dee dum, da-dum-dee dum

da-dum-dee dum, da-dum-dee dum.

the weak boys and the foreign scum,

the beaky Jew, the Banker scum?

Just fuck them! fuck them! [shouted with lust]

fuck the fucking lot of them!      [shouted with lust]

da-dum-dee dum.

da-dum-dee dum.


[FEMALES repeat as long as they are marching with the MEN]

hammer in hand

hand with hammer

brothers stand taller

shoulder to shoulder

shoulder to shoulder

boot to boot     [EMPHATIC]

hammer in hand

hand with hammer

[slap truncheon on palm starting each line]


[repeat the opening three stanzas stamping as if still marching when assembling for the CALL TO ACTION!]

Teacher: Where did fascism come from, who invented fascism?

Student: The Nazis! The Nazis invented fascism because they wanted to make their country strong, so they invented the idea of a Superman and believed most people were weak and needed to be told what to do.


Old bloat Bob and the squat toad Ben,

they was floating in their beers about

having been

boys - and in the afterglow of Imperialism

that comes when such Old Sports grow old,

and the News is dim,

and the pads on the stools

seem to shrink and stick up

into their butts from

the weight of their sins.

LORD! Like old Pharaohs

tugging at their bandages

one-upping each other, (the

iguana-headed blue-collar men

chewing pig-knuckles all around them),

three centurion Veterans

with the voices of old women

start in with

(cackle one) "World War Two!"

(cackle two) "Now that was some serious shite shoveling."

(cackle three) "BOOM and Rat-a-Tat and all that scat!",

when one more upright Citizen

comes in, zipping up

from the alley, and chuckles,

pointing this way and that

with his chin,

and says "For an Imperial

Pint I will tell you

about the First Such Ugliness

from which the Nazis boosted

their FINEST Fascist Inventions!" And

SO, when the pouring was done

this telling began

"In the 2nd Oorlog War agin the Boer, bee'n

humanitarian, after razen the crops,

salt'n the wells, and kill'n

the men, the British began

cultivating the habit of the concentration

of children an' women into camps, removing them

to squaller an' deprivation where,

(coincidentally wit Ravensbrück), some 30,000 souls

suffered their expiration. i

You could say they died,

both widow and child,

(ten to a tent the size of the box

you could fit a piano or refrigerator in),

of the poor hospitality being showed 'em.

The Germans?

The Germans being the utter fuckers they were

          bought into ol' Henry Ford's daft

History of Semitism,ii

purchased a census o'Jews by IBM,iii and applied

the strategies of American Taylorismiv

to the mass production of death

by Industrialization out in Poland!

Whew! Let me tell you.

The Nazi Nation went out an'

goose-stepped the tally o' Jew kill'n up

to maybe 6 million men, womans and chill'n."

As this telling trails off,

the small talk stops,

each man, balks, blinking

into their reflection in the wet

o the counter-top, and then climbs off.

Each old man walks home

alone in his thoughts -

old coats,

old sofas,

old bachelors

- great wins and great losses

lost to all of them

when measured against SUCH




mounting the stairs, hard and cold,

open the doors to the rooms

they know they will one day die in.

Theirs is a month to month,

hand to mouth, descent into

being forgotten.

Forgotten already, but to their drinking

friends. Now I ask you,

when a genocide like the Armenians

by the Ottomans, all those poor Boer Women

and Children, or what those fastidious fascists,

the Germans did to Ravensbrück's

cadaverous stick-women, or even what our Heros

did to the innocents of Hiroshima

and the innocents of Nagasaki,

and those Hutu, what call possibly

did they have to butcher

half a million Tutsi?

All of these, (and all of those

just like them), are forgotten,

within just Three Generations doomed

to disappear from polite conversation -

what are we to think,

already forgotten just like them

head hung in the mirror, hands hung in the sink?

How many Names are remembered

by History, a few Thousand maybe?

I read there has been





of us born Human since 50,000 B.C.. v

Most all of Humanity, (and this certainly

means you and me),

cease to count for anything different than Zero

in some bean-counter tally

at the Department of Homeland Security

and its 57 varieties of associated agencies,

long before we

sigh, and,

looking out at the darkness

beyond the liquor store neon,

stumble and tumble into

Infinity and cease

with the Greatest of our sins


the littlest of our fleas...


The Pith of MEIN KAMPF

     You need to have a story a Man makes sense in.

     A story in which a Man can win.

    A story that accounts for both Us and Them.

    A Tale that justifies our sins"

i 27,927 persons died in the camps, 1,676 men, mainly those too old to be on commando, 4,177 women and 22,074 children under sixteen. ", from Women & Children in White Concentration Camps during the Anglo-Boer War, 1900-1902

ii  BLACK, Edwin. Nazi Nexus. Washington D.C.: Dialog Press, 2009. p. 6-9. This relationship has been common knowledge in Universities and unheard of in the general awareness in the USA, but unlike IBM, The Ford Company has owned up to the eccentricities of its founder, thus defending the memory of his genius.

iii  BLACK, Edwin. IBM and the Holocaust. New York: Three Rivers Press, 2002. This entire book in a profoundly researched inditement of this relationship, but most pertinent here, chapter three, "Identifying the Jews", p. 52-74

iv  In the late 1800s, when the United States was reaching a crescendo in the Age of Industrialization, Frederick W. Taylor logically desired to transfer the design and work-flow concepts of industrial mechanical design and mass-production to the behavior of human beings, (workers), so their work-habits matched and better interfaced with a mechanized environment standardized to produce maximum efficiency in product output. A nightmare reflection of this 'scientific industrialization of human behavior' was applied to both the emergence of Nazi KL, (death camps), which manufactured human deaths, and to the exploitation of a slave labour maximized by a Satanic form of 'Scientific Management' in which calories were counted with the idea of maximizing labour until the worker succumbed to exposure, disease, or, to weak to work as expected, was put to death. The Nazis actually 'stumbled' into this inhuman approach to dehumanizing human beings driven by the social management emergency of killing millions of Jews. See WACHSMANN, Nicolaus.

KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps. New York, New York: Farrar, Straus and Girox, 2015, especially at the manner industrialization entered the camps with such contractors as Heinrich Kori GmbH and Topf & Sons, (p.225). If mass death is needed, scientific design principles are needed in its implementation, Form following Function, as it were.

v "107,602,707,791 people have been born since 50,000 B.C.." Population Reference Bureau estimate: